Application-Driven WPT Techniques

Application-Driven WPT Techniques / 面向应用的无线充电系统开发


Wireless power can be defined as the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without connecting wires. It is reliable, efficient, fast, low maintenance cost, and it can be used for short range or long range. The basic working principle of wireless power transfer is, two objects having similar resonant frequency and in magnetic resonance at powerfully coupled rule tends to exchange the energy, while dissipating relatively little energy to the extraneous off-resonant objects. Moreover, this method can be involved in a variety of applications, like to charge mobile phones, laptops wirelessly. And also this kind of charging gives a far lower risk of electrical shock as it would be galvanically isolated. This is an emerging technology, and further, the distance of power transfer can be improved as the study across the world is still going on.




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