Model and control of power converter

Model and control of resonant converters / 谐振变换器的建模与控制



There exists a continuous demand on the large-scale wireless charging of smart portable devices, such as robots, drones, electrical vehicles. In order to meet these demands, the inductive power transfer (IPT) technique has been gradually developed from system level to network level, which further requests the small-signal model and stability analysis to ensure the safe and stable operation of various systems and networks. This research is devoted to building, simplification, and unification of small signal model of various IPT systems, and then studies the stability of the IPT network under the bus of AC, DC or magnetic field. 1) This research would start from the modelling and simplification of single-stage IPT system, and develop the controller design method for frequency, amplitude, and phase modulation. 2) Meanwhile, this research would discuss the small-signal behavior for the two-stage IPT systems under distributed and concentrated control scheme, which helps the stability analysis and controller design. 3) When various IPT systems form the network under DC or AC grid, this research would evaluate the influence of the individual perturbation on the overall network, and develop the strategy for stable operation. 4) Finally, this research would propose a novel IPT network through the bus of magnetic field, and then explore the stability under the magnetic-field perturbation. In summary, this research will develop a general modeling and simplification method to build a uniform small-signal model, which would offer the theoretical guideline for the controller parameter design for various IPT systems and networks. It is particularly meaningful to build the fundamental theory for the stability analysis under the conductive and radiative perturbation.




Name:Minfan Fu

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