Near-filed coupler


Both inductive power transfer (IPT) and capacitive power transfer (CPT) have shown great potential in various applications, such as consumer electronics, industrial automatics, and transportation systems. It is well known the both IPT and CPT are based on the near-field coupling. However, there is no uniform near-field coupling theory for system analysis and design, especially for the coupler model, structure, and coupling mechanism. 1)This research is devoted to explore the duality between the inductive and capacitive couplers, and then build a uniform understanding for near-filed WPT. The research first proposes a uniform model for both kinds of couplers. This model is able to use independent circuit parameter to represent the stored energy and transferred energy. Based on the parameter sensitivity analysis, a uniform compensation theory is then proposed to avoid resonance frequency shift under coupling variation. 2)Meanwhile, this research explores the relationship between the coupler structure and coupler model, based on which the structure duality is discovered and used to develop novel coupler structure. 3) In this research, novel space multiplexing methods are proposed by sharing the coupling space of magnetic field and electric field. These approaches are able to further improve the power transfer capability within limited space. Overall, this research will build a uniform analysis and design methodology for near-field WPT. New coupeler structure and coupling mechanism can be discovered to meet the various application demands.




Name:Minfan Fu

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