Advanced power conversion techniques

课程名称:高级电能变换技术                                                                课程性质:本研一体专业课

课时学分:64学时,4学分                                                                    学生对象:高年级本科生与研究生




Erickson Robert W., Fundamentals of Power Electronics (3rd edition), ISBN:9783030438791 



Course name: Advanced Power Conversion Techniques

Course level: Graduate

Course credit: 4 credits

Students: Senior undergraduates and graduate students

Prerequisite: Power Electronics

Course introduction: Power electronics is an enabling technique that focuses on converting the form of electric power to meet various loading demands. Such converters are widely used in industrial automation, consumer electronics, rail traffic, aerospace, power systems, data centers, communication networks, and the Internet of Things. These practical scenarios would have distinct requirements in the power level, voltage and current, efficiency, reliability, and dynamic response. Based on the fundamental principles of power electronics, a professional researcher is expected to understand and utilize various advanced power conversion technology, fully take the advantages of different power semiconductor devices, carry out multi-objective design, explore the design trade off, and develop the most competitive power solution. This course will focus on resonant power conversion technology. It includes series resonant converter, parallel resonant converter, LLC resonant converter, ZVS quasi-resonant converter, ZCS quasi-resonant converter, multi-resonant converter, soft switching of PWM converter, high-order resonant converter in wireless power transfer systems, and ultra-high frequency resonant converter, etc. As a research-oriented course, its content will be continuously updated to keep up with the state-of the-art of the power electronics.



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